Wall and wood hygrometer
Electronic moisture contact tester
art. 606T

Placing electrodes into materials, you can read humidity value on display scale
Scale: wood 6-44% - wall 0,2-2,0%
Accuracy: wood ±1% - wall ±0,05%
Size: 130x40x21 mm

Electromagnetic water ratio meter for wood
art. AD100

Humidity measurement in the depth of 10-50 mm
Scale: 0-100% - Resolution: 0,1%
Automatic temperature correction
Graduation dial plate for tree correction
Battery: 2x1,5V AA (not included)
Dimensions: 210x75x55 mm
Weight: 270 g
Wrapping: suitcase

Grain moisture meter
art. MC7821

Grains: paddy, rice, corn, wheat
Automatic calibration
Moisture range: 8-20% - Resolution: 0,1%
Temperature range: -10+55°C - Resolution: 0,1°C
Battery: 4x1,5V AA (not included)
Instrument dimensions: 182x68x38 mm
Probe dimensions: 368x44x25 mm
Weight: 420 g
Wrapping: suitcase

Electronic moisture pin-type tester for timber

Field of measure: 5-60%
Wood kind selector: 4 groups
Temperature selector: 0-110°C
9V battery - charge control
Chromium-plated steel hammer provided with Derling electrodes-holder head and plug
Connection cable 1,5 m long, provided with plugs
Set of tempered-steel rivets
Spanner of 12 mm
Anti-crash polystyrene case - size mm 320x266x78